Interview Programs

It is very easy to crack a Java interview if you are aware of some of the commonly asked programs. I have compiled a list of Java programs that a candidate should know in order to crack any typical coding interview.

This is applicable for experienced as well as freshers out there. Believe me, once I was done with this list, I had many offers from reputed companies.

One more message for all the people out there is that, if you don’t clear an interview then there is no need to be discouraged. You are one step ahead of everyone who has not even attempted the interview. All these failures will give you the confidence to crack your dream company interview.

So, enough talk. We will get started with the simple programs first and then move on to the advanced programs.

Let’s get our hands dirty with some algorithms and programs.

Warm-up Code:

Data Structures:

I think we had enough warm-up. Let’s dive into the world of algorithms.

Analysis Of Algorithms:

Keep a watch on this section for more algorithms.

Until then Happy Coding!